Hospitality House TC Inc.

What is our mission?

"To improve our society by providing adolescent and adult men with the self awareness and perspective to recognize their self defeating patterns of behavior, the self discipline and control to correct them, the stability and confidence resulting from healthy relationships and meaningful social bonding, and the education and skill to join with and contribute to the greater society."

Hospitality House is committed to addressing the substance abuse and life problems of adolescents and adults. Hospitality House contends that people are the captains of their own destinies, and only they can do, but they cannot do it alone. Positive peer interaction is emphasized in a highly structured familial environment known as a Therapeutic Community. Within this milieu Hospitality House offers an integrated holistic treatment regime, which is multi-disciplinary in nature. Hospitality House is committed to returning clients to society as productive, responsible and drug free citizens. Treatment is provided to all clients without discrimination, including those without adequate financial resources. At all times the dignity, rights and needs of each client are preserved and respected, thus reducing the stigma of persons served.