Serve The Greater Good By Giving

Help us continue our mission of helping you!

Hospitality House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young men who are serious about recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. This is a vital mission not only for these men and their families, but also for society at large. If we consider that a dollar spent today on treatment, will, over the course of a lifetime, save thousands of dollars in incarceration and future medical bills, then our responsibility becomes clear.

As a non-profit engaged in this vital mission, we appreciate any cash donation: one time or recurring, large or small.

We also accept men's clothing, furniture, computers, and other small appliances. However, as we do not have permanent on-site storage, we request that prior to any donations of this nature, you contact one of the following personnel:

  • Tom O'Toole (Controller) 518.434.6468 ext#104