Welcome To Our FAQ Page

Here are some of the most common questions asked of us.

What exactly is a therapeutic community?
A therapeutic community is a residential treatment program for substance abuse. Therapeutic communities offer several advantages over conventional rehabilitation programs. In addition to extensive counseling services where clients can discuss their emotional needs, we also provide educational programs, health related programs, legal assistance, and multiple layers of behavior modification. These separate but related aspects of treatment are all addressed, allowing clients to successfully resume productive roles in society.

How long is the program usually?
Our program is generally 9-12 months long. The length of stay is determined by an individual’s effort and participation in each stage of change of the program.

I have a felony conviction. May I still come to your program?
Yes. If you were convicted of non-violent felonies as a result of your substance abuse, you are more than welcome here at Hospitality House. We specialize in clients facing legal difficulties as a result of their addictions

How will I pay for my treatment?
If you are a New York State resident, you will probably be eligible for public assistance to pay for your stay. We will assist you in filing the appropriate forms to get this assistance. Out of state or country applicants will pay a fee based upon a sliding scale.

How do I get into the program?
We offer many different options for screening, i.e. face-to-face interview, teleconference, etc. Many times, arrangements can be made to visit individuals in Jail to do a face-to-face screening. Most of the time there is supporting documentation needed to confirm an individual’s medical, legal, and substance abuse background. Treatment Providers can simply fax us a copy of a Bio-Psycho-Social to begin the referral process. Our fax number is (518)-434-6302. Our admissions office can answer any questions you may have (518)-434-6468 x107.

What kind of Insurance do I need?
None. You do not need insurance to enter the program! If you already have insurance it will only be used to cover your medical and dental needs while in treatment. We do not bill your insurance for room and board. If you are uninsured, we work with Local Departments of Social Services Medicaid and Public Assistance programs to cover medical needs and the cost of treatment to individuals who qualify. We also accept self-pay clients on a sliding fee scale. For more information on whether you qualify for public assistance you can visit www.mybenefits.ny.gov or call our admissions office at (518)-434-6468 x107. For more information on our sliding scale you can call our Business Office at (518)-434-6468 x108.

How many phases are there?
There are four main phases of the program (1-4). Everything is time and grade, the more goals you reach, the more privileges and responsibilities you get. When you first get here you’re known as a prospect. The prospect phase is approximately a 30 day period in which the individual can get to know everyone and acclimate to the program. For the first 30 days, privileges such as mail, phone, and computer access is restricted in order to allow you to fully focus on the program.

What can I have and what can I not have?
Please bring 1-2 weeks’ worth of seasonal clothing, including a dress shirt, tie and belt as well as all identification you have. Clients must agree to be clean shaven and have their hair cut to a length deemed appropriate to program standards (no fades, dreadlocks, dyes). Clothing that could be construed in a negative manner is deemed inappropriate. No body piercing jewelry will be worn at any time. Shirt and ties must be worn at all court appearances and when requesting a Phase move. The following items will not be permitted:
• Illegal drugs/alcohol
• Weapons and drug paraphernalia
• Tobacco products, lighters, matches
• Army Fatigues
• Sexually explicit material
• Jewelry (other than wedding bands and religious medallions can be worn on a plain chain inside one’s clothes)
• Cologne
• Candles
• Herbal Supplements
• Identification, money, or checks greater than $15.00 and valuables will be placed in the safe or sent home
• Over the Counter and Prescription medications will be placed in the Med Room and made available as prescribed
• Cameras, Sports Equipment, IPods, MP3 Players, CDs, Cell Phones, Hand Held Video Games, Computers, Tablets, Laptops will not be allowed without your Program Counselor’s written approval
• Hygiene products that have already been opened and products containing alcohol (aftershave, mouthwash, fragrances, etc.)
• Any items that clinical staff view as inappropriate or counter-therapeutic

When can I talk to my loved one on the phone?
The Client Phone number is (518) 512-5108. Phone calls are permitted after 3 pm on weekdays and after 9 am on weekends. A member who is in Phase 4 can use the phone as needed on a daily basis. Cell phones are not permitted without staff permission, and is typically towards the end of your treatment stay. If a client is on LOP (loss of privileges) they will not be allowed to use the phone, internet, Skype. If you have concerns, please contact his individual counselor.

When can I get visits?
Visits will be coordinated by a designated Program Counselor. Each client must request the permission for a visit on the Monday prior to the weekend visit. A Program Counselor may contact you in an attempt to confirm visitation and/or coordinate transportation and activities planned. For on site visits, please be sure to sign in with staff prior to your visit and sign out prior to leaving. Please make sure all packages/bags are searched by a staff member. There are several types of visits clients can have while at Hospitality House and they are as follows:
Child Visits- Clients with children are permitted 1 child visit every 2 weeks. Child visits are for a 2 hour duration and consist of 1 adult and up to 5 biological children. Child visits will take place on the weekends between the hours of 10am-6pm. Clients may not leave the property during child visits. The safety of the children is the sole responsibility of the parent/client.
2 hour In-House Visit- A client, who has had their Phase 1 for 1 month and is in good standing, is eligible for their first 2 hour in-house visit. In-house visits consist of up to 5 adults and will take place on the weekends between the hours of 10am-6pm. Clients may not leave the property during this visit.
2-In 2-Out- A client who has had their Phase 2 for 1 month and is in good standing, is eligible for their first 2-in 2-out. This visit consists of a 2 hour in-house visit followed by a 2 hour outing with approved visitors. This visit will take place on the weekends between the hours of 10am-6pm. Clients destination for their outing must be pre-approved.
Home Visits
A client, who is a Phase 3 in good standing, is eligible for their first Home Visit. Home Visits for Phase 3 consist of weekend passes every 45 days. Clients who are Phase 4 in good standing are eligible for Weekend Passes every 30 days. In addition, Phase 4s are eligible for an Overnight Pass every 30 days. Clients must have approval from their Program Counselor, Legal Referent (if applicable) and the host of the home visit. Clients must follow all curfews and conditions by all parties and will have a copy for you. Clients are not permitted to drive on their home visits. Please report any changes in Itinerary to Hospitality House. For those clients on medication, they will be given enough medication for their visit.
Any monies to be given to clients during any visit should go through staff. In the case of the home visits, the monies should be reported to staff. Clients are not allowed to have more than $15 on their person at any time without staff permission.
We appreciate your cooperation in preserving the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Please do not jeopardize the recovery of your loved one by visiting while under the influence or providing him with alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Anyone entering the building under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave immediately.