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Treating And Educating Minds

What do we believe? How do we implement it?

Hospitality House's ultimate objective is to prepare clients for productive lives as contributing members of our society. And because we firmly believe that your long term sobriety depends upon your ability to be self-sufficient and independent, we place enormous emphasis on helping you achieve or further your education. This will allow you to choose and fulfill your own destiny.

Because addiction often presents significant barriers to the achievement of educational and vocational goals, our clients often come with little or no education and/or work history. However, some clients have managed to achieve significant professional success prior to the onset of their addictions. Due to the wide range of educational achievement among our clients, our treatment team conducts a comprehensive analysis of each client within 30 days of admission. The team determines where the client currently stands in terms of educational and vocational skills, and through consultation with the client, determines the best way for the client to get to where he wants to go.

All our clients attend our Education and Vocation Group. Here you will evaluate your current skill set, and you will build and develop skills to further your educations and become a more marketable person.

Some of the other programs we offer are listed below. Others are offered on a case by case basis.

  • On-site High School Equivalency (GED) Exam Preparation classes
  • Vocational assessment and workforce development training and monitoring
  • On-site assigned job tasks to promote positive work ethic
  • Excellent relationship with VESID for federal funds for tuition assistance
  • Strong positive relationship with the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) for careers in Building rades, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Nursing Assistants and College Preparation
  • CDL Drivers Licensure Courses.
  • Funded re certification of vocational license or permits.