Group Therapy

Growing with others.

Hospitality House offers dozens of group therapies. These groups vary broadly, but include the following:

  • Anger and Addiction - You will learn to understand the connection between cycles of anger and substance abuse. Anger management will be discussed.
  • Who Do I Want To Be? - You will learn to understand the contradiction between true values and past actions. You will gain perspective on the proper roles and responsibilities of recovering people.
  • Family Dynamics - You will understand familial relationships and their impact on your recovery.
  • Parenting Group - You will understand the impact of addiction on children, and you will learn healthy methods of parenting.
  • Education and Vocation - You will build and develop skills to further your educations and become a more marketable person.
  • Forgiveness - You will learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy forms of forgiveness. This group explores healthy forms of forgiveness as it pertains to healthy recovery. Of particular interest to recovery is the fact that forgiveness from people must be earned; it is not granted automatically simply because you are in recovery.
  • Criminality - You will explore various aspects of criminality and criminal thinking. These include the correlation between criminality and codependency, irresponsibility and the role that addiction has in criminality and vice-versa. Criminality is about far more than just committing illegal acts.
  • Relationships - You will learn that sober networks and support are key to your recovery. You will discuss the different types of relationships including friendship, sponsorship, work relationships, familial relationships, and intimate relationships. You will learn proper forms of trust and risk taking, and you will learn to distinguish between and navigate through the different forms of relationships.
  • Heroin Group - You will lean why heroin addicts are unique and what their recovery must look like if it is going to last.
  • Art Therapy - You will learn to use creativity to explore feelings and emotions.
  • Play Therapy - You will explore your inner childhood and learn to "let go."
  • Sexuality - You will explore sexual addictions and preoccupations.
  • Living Sober Sucks! - You will explore your reservations and openly discuss your fears about living sober.